Outstanding GCSE & A Level tuition in London

At LSI, we are dedicated to ensuring that each student reaches his or her full potential, both academically and personally.

Our Mission

Our focus is on helping each student to achieve the best possible A level results while providing a learning environment which is nurturing and supportive. Building the self-confidence and sense of well-being in each and every one of our students is a fundamental part of our mission. This ethos feeds back into successful applications to universities and success in the wider employment world, where confidence is crucial.

Dedicated to your personal development

From enrolment through to graduation and university admission, we are dedicated to your personal development, providing support and advice to help you plan for a bright future. We will help you achieve your best possible A level results through intensive structured teaching in small classes, knowledgeable and committed teachers, regular progress testing and individual study plans. In addition, we monitor and support each student through one-to-one tutorials and supervised self-study programmes.

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Superb location in Hampstead, North London

A fully equipped, modern educational facility occupying a spacious Victorian building - just 12 minutes by tube from central London.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • The majority of our students go on to Russell Group universities
  • 16% of our students go on to G5 Universities
  • Small classrooms of five students on average
  • World-class instructors with an average tenure of ten years.
  • Scholarships available for distinguished applicants

Accreditation & Oversight

Intensive structured teaching in small class sizes, committed teachers & excellent facilities

Student Life

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

At LSI schools around the world, we pride ourselves on the safety, happiness and well-being of our students



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International Students

International Students

International students are welcomed at LSI Independent College. LSI as a college is enriched by its diverse and vibrant student body.



Our college takes pride in presenting a comprehensive student enrichment program that unfolds a myriad of activities right in the heart of central London.



We offer accommodation options tailored to meet the unique needs of our students, providing safe and comfortable living spaces for all ages.

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Open Days

Open Days

Visit the campus, meet our academic and administrative staff and discuss your A level options informally READ MORE

Admissions at LSI Independent College

Admissions at LSI Independent College

Information on how to apply for all programmes, term dates & prices READ MORE

Student Testimonials

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Excellent Academic Results & University Destinations

We work with each student to attain outstanding results, propelling them towards successful university journeys.

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What makes LSI College different?

We are a small and friendly independent A Level college based in Hampstead, London. We offer a combination of the best-in-class focus on wellbeing, unrivaled experience, personalised attention, and a diverse and inclusive environment.

Where is LSI College located?

LSI College, nestled in the prestigious locale of Hampstead in London, epitomizes excellence in education amidst an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication. Hampstead, renowned for its charm and allure, serves as the perfect backdrop for academic pursuit, surrounded by a milieu of celebrities, actors, and politicians who call this illustrious area home.

Conveniently situated within a leisurely 10-minute stroll from Hampstead tube station, LSI College offers unparalleled accessibility, ensuring ease of travel for both students and staff alike. Moreover, our commitment to providing a holistic educational experience extends to our accommodation offerings, with host families located within the vicinity, ensuring a maximum travel distance of just 30 minutes.

At LSI College, students not only benefit from world-class education but also immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of culture and sophistication that Hampstead exudes. With its picturesque streets and rich cultural heritage, Hampstead provides the ideal setting for students to thrive academically and embrace the quintessence of London's charm and allure.

What is the leadership at LSI College like?

With over 60% of our teaching staff having been with us since day one, LSI College boasts a wealth of experience and expertise. This longevity not only speaks to the dedication of our educators but also ensures a continuity of excellence in teaching and mentorship, setting us apart from the competition.

Who is LSI College's Principal?

Dr. Iman Hami, a luminary in the realm of education and academia, boasts a distinguished career marked by unparalleled achievements. With a PhD in English Literature, Dr. Hami embodies a profound commitment to scholarly pursuits, evident in a rich tapestry of published works and scholarly articles.

Drawing upon over two decades of educational expertise, Dr. Hami champions a philosophy rooted in perpetual learning, recognizing that true leaders in education must themselves remain steadfast students of knowledge. This ethos permeates their approach to guiding high achievers towards the zenith of academic success, consistently facilitating their entry into top-tier universities across the UK.

Dr. Hami's close collaboration with esteemed institutions such as Cambridge University has afforded them unparalleled insights into the intricacies of admissions processes, particularly within the realm of interviews. Moreover, their extensive network within the medical education sphere, bolstered by close ties with various medical schools across the UK, underscores a deep-seated commitment to nurturing future healthcare professionals.

A trailblazer in medical education, Dr. Hami has spearheaded Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) in collaboration with prestigious institutions like St. George's University London, ensuring that aspiring medics are equipped with the requisite skills and acumen to thrive in their careers. Through their tireless dedication and unwavering expertise, Dr. Iman Hami continues to shape the landscape of academia and medical education alike, leaving an indelible mark on all those fortunate enough to benefit from their guidance and mentorship.

What other programmes does LSI College offer?

LSI College proudly offers the following: EPQ, University Preparation, Retakes, GCSE, and a University Foundation Programme.