We curate a diverse range of activities that transcend traditional learning boundaries and go beyond the classroom. This program empowers students to explore the rich tapestry of Central London, and cultivates a lifelong love for learning.

Half-board in zones 2-3 £11,180 for the School year
Half-board in zones 4-5 £10,320 for the School year

Full board in zones 2-3 £12,470 for the School year
Full board in zones 4-5 £11,610 for the School year

Flexibility is at the heart of our program, with activities subject to change to align seamlessly with evolving student needs and preferences. Whether it’s tailoring workshops to specific interests or introducing new and dynamic experiences, we prioritize adaptability. This ensures that our activity offerings remain responsive and resonate with the diverse passions and aspirations of our students.

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volleyball in the garden

Holistic Growth

We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals beyond academic pursuits. Our Holistic Growth Program is designed to cultivate students into impactful global citizens, equipped with the skills and insights necessary for navigating life’s significant decisions. We cover key areas such as Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE), fostering skills beyond traditional subjects. We emphasize cultivating a sense of global citizenship, encouraging students to stay informed about the world and develop the ability to critically analyze information. Additionally, the program underscores the importance of respecting diversity, instilling values that reject prejudice and discrimination. Furthermore, it prepares students for independence and responsibility as they transition into adulthood, focusing on risk assessment and decision-making skills.


All international students must have a designated Education Guardian while in the UK. This provision ensures that there is a contact person available to act on behalf of the student in case of emergencies.

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