Happy Holidays from LSI Independent College

Happy Holidays from LSI Independent College

The end of term & winter break is right around the corner.
We wish a Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings to our students in London and all over the world.

December 2023

Our Phycology teacher Lyndsey Hayes is in the media again!

Lyndsey Hayes LSI College Teacher

Here she gives a podcast interview with Lucinda Powell on teaching psychology to EAL students: Link
In here: She gives an interview in the Chartered Institute of Education Assessors (CIEA) newsletter about teaching psychology: Link
Lyndsey has been teaching Psychology at LSI since 2021, it's been great to have her in our teaching team!

September 2023

Recent University Destinations

  • Queen Mary, Medicine
  • Sunderland, Medicine
  • Sunderland, Medicine
  • Keele, Medicine
  • Leeds, Biomedical Sciences
  • Nottingham, Biomedical and Molecular Medicine
  • Queen Mary, Biomedical Sciences
  • Middlesex, Biomedical Engineering
  • Durham, Anthropology
  • Bristol, Law
  • City University, Law
  • Royal Holloway, Criminology & Sociology
  • Queen Mary, International Relations
  • Queen Mary, Politics with Business Management
  • University of the Arts, Creative Computing
  • Leeds, Textile Design
  • Ravensbourne, Fashion
  • Cambridge, Medicine
  • Bristol, Dentistry
  • UCL, Psychology & Language Sciences
  • UCL, Biochemistry
  • KCL, Political Economy
  • KCL, Physics with Theoretical Physics
  • Bath, Economics
  • Leeds, Business Management
  • Nottingham, Politics and International Relations
  • Nottingham, Finance, Accounting & Management
  • Boston College (USA), Economics
  • Sussex, Marketing & Management
  • Loughborough, Automotive Engineering
  • Westminster, Business Management
  • University of Law, Law
  • University of Law, Law with Criminology
  • Kingston, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences
  • UCL, Physics
  • UCL, Physics
  • Kings, Neuroscience & Psychology
  • Leeds, Chemical Engineering
  • Leicester, Neuroscience & Psychology
  • Royal Holloway, Physics
  • Queen Mary, Mathematics with Management
  • UWE, Computer Science
  • UEA, Psychology
  • Kingston, Psychology
  • Swansea, Engineering
  • Anglia Ruskin University, Optometry
  • King's College London, Pharmacy
  • University of York, History
  • UCL (University College London), Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences
  • Staffordshire University, Cyber Security - Staffordshire University London
  • Queen Mary, Computer Science
  • University of Southampton, Chemistry
  • Europea de Madrid, Business and Management
  • University of Surrey, Computer Science
  • City, University of London, Criminology and Sociology
  • University of York, Social and Political Sciences
  • University of Westminster, London, Biomedical Science with Foundation
  • University of Bedfordshire, Biochemistry with Foundation Year
  • University of Westminster, London, Business Management with Foundation
  • London Metropolitan University, Film and Television Production (including foundation year)

Return to Face to Face Teaching at LSI Independent College

It was great to see our students and teachers returning to face to face teaching this week.  Our A Level students had taken really well to online lessons on Microsoft Teams, having 100% on their lessons during the school and college closures in the UK.  However, they were very happy to meet their classmates and teachers physically again.  We are sure that our returning students will emulate the success of our 2020 leavers this year. 

Term Dates 

Autumn Term: 7th September-18th December 

Spring Term: 6th January-26th March 

Summer Term: 19th April-11th June 

September 2020

UCAS Seminar for Year 12 Students

It was great to see our Year 12 students back in College for a UCAS seminar on 22nd June. It was not only a useful event, but was also very pleasant as the day was beautiful and we were able to hold the event in our spacious garden, thus definitely ensuring social distancing.

For those students who were not able to attend the event, our UCAS co-ordinator arranged one-to-one UCAS consultations on Microsoft Teams, so that they did not miss out.

The event served very well as a prelude to our hoped for return to full face-to-face teaching in September.

June 2020

Farewell to Year 13 Leavers

We say farewell to our Year 13 leavers, who have been a magnificent cohort of students, especially considering the trials and tribulations of the last few months. They have been amazingly resilient. We truly hope they get what they deserve on Results Day and that they move on to a great future.

June 2020

Successful Move to Online Teaching

We have all been affected by the coronavirus crisis, but the students and teachers at LSI Independent Sixth Form College should be commended for the speed and success of the switch to online teaching, necessitated by the physical closure of the College on 20th March. We decided to use Microsoft Teams as we felt it would work well with our small teaching groups. The platform has enabled the full College timetable to be delivered in an interactive way, engaging the students in much the same way as a good face-to-face lesson should. By and large, the experience has been very positive for students. We have tried hard to make the move to online teaching as seamless as possible, so that students could not only benefit from the full curriculum but also so that we could provide continuity and routine for students who would otherwise be struggling under quarantine measures. In many ways, the success has been remarkable, especially considering the narrow timeframe in various platforms, including our ultimate choice of Microsoft Teams, had to be researched, set up and implemented, not to forget the rapid training of teachers. Schools and colleges were officially closed from the afternoon of 20th March, with very little notice. What would normally take a year or two of planning was accomplished within a matter of days. What has also been impressive is the flexibility and adaptability of our students and teachers in making a virtue of necessity in these challenging times. We are of course all looking forward to the return of face-to-face lessons in September, but this has been a very useful learning experience for all.

May 2020

Ofsted Inspection, February 2020

Although it seems like a lifetime ago because of how much life has changed for us all over the last few months, LSI Independent Sixth Form College was inspected in February 2020. We were very pleased with how the inspection went. We were judged to be Good overall, with Good in each category apart from one; we were judged to be Outstanding in the Behaviour and Attitudes category. All credit goes to our students and teachers for this excellent outcome. You can download the full Ofsted report from our website, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Students appreciate the small class sizes and the personal attention they receive.
  • They value their teachers’ dedication in helping each of them achieve their best.
  • Students’ behaviour is excellent, and they work with diligence.
  • Students cherish meeting with peers from around the globe.
  • In all disciplines, teachers have very strong subject expertise and teaching experience.
  • Students gain new knowledge and deepen their understanding well.
  • Teachers make sure that students have many opportunities to revise their previous learning.
  • Students are unwavering in their determination to succeed.
  • Staff morale is high.


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