EPQ Programme

In addition to studying for their 3 main A levels, students may elect to take an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). This is a largely self-directed course of study that is roughly equivalent to half an A level credit towards university admission.

An EPQ allows individuals to choose their own research topic with each student being responsible for their own learning and development. The EPQ is a progressive way to encourage independent learning and is a useful aid for successful university applications.

The EPQ teaches new skills, such as independent research and project management. Completing the project engenders confidence and a sense of achievement. The EPQ offers students the opportunity to build a product or engage in high level research while providing a competitive advantage for university applications.

Although the subject of the EPQ is completely open to an individual’s interests, we encourage students to pursue projects that relate to their university course choices and will therefore be most likely to assist in their applications when writing personal statements and in potential interviews.

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