At LSI Independent College we provide a unique accommodation solution, offering homestay options for 15+ students and residence facilities tailored for those over 18, ensuring a supportive and age-appropriate living environment for all.

Homestay packages

Half-board in zones 2-3 £11,180 for the School year
Half-board in zones 4-5 £10,320 for the School year

Full board in zones 2-3 £12,470 for the School year
Full board in zones 4-5 £11,610 for the School year

Please contact for residence packages.

Homestay for under 18s

Our college takes great pride in offering homestay accommodation that fosters a warm and inviting atmosphere for students. Each homestay is meticulously selected to ensure a welcoming environment where students feel like a part of the family. The college accommodation officer conducts regular visits to these homes, ensuring that the high standards of hospitality and comfort are consistently maintained. This careful selection and ongoing monitoring not only create a sense of security for the under 18 students but also contribute to a friendly and supportive living experience that enhances their overall college journey.

Executive Homestay Option

Executive Homestays are often of a higher standard than other homestay accommodations. They are evaluated in terms of décor, size and location (although they are not necessarily closer to LSI). They have private bathroom facilities (en-suite or sole use of a bathroom outside the room) and extra facilities such as a television in the bedroom.

executive homestay


All international students must have a designated Education Guardian while in the UK. This provision ensures that there is a contact person available to act on behalf of the student in case of emergencies.

Residence for over 18s

Our residence accommodation in the heart of London caters to the needs of independent individuals on their academic journey. Nestled in a vibrant and cosmopolitan setting, these residences provide a secure and modern living space that complements the dynamic lifestyle of our students. With a focus on fostering independence, the accommodations are designed to offer a comfortable yet autonomous environment. From private rooms to shared common areas, the residence promotes a sense of community, allowing students to engage in a diverse social atmosphere while pursuing their studies in one of the world’s most exciting and culturally rich cities.

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residence students

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