University Preparation Services

At LSI Independent College, we expect the overwhelming majority of students in each year to go on to further study at university. We work with each student to identify which universities to target and apply for. Our system provides guidance and support in one-to-one tutorials. We help with research and with all aspects of the application process, ensuring that you make the right choice and that your application has the best chance of success.

In addition, our Careers and Higher Education Coordinator leads a comprehensive programme of events that introduces students to various university programmes and resources as well as building key skills fundamental to the application process. This programme includes:

Career Assessment – Students may choose to take a career assessment test, provided by ISCO, the Independent Schools Careers Organisation. ISCO can provide students with an individual report outlining career options as well as providing access to online resources.

UCAS and Personal Statement Advice

LSI provides expert advice on applying to universities for each of our students. This includes guidance on all aspects of the UCAS process as well as detailed feedback on personal statements, enabling students to place themselves in the best position to get offers from top universities. The service benefits from the extensive experience of its UCAS consultants, experience which has helped over 500 students win places at Russell Group and other good universities.

Guest Speakers – LSI invites admissions officers from top universities to speak to students, providing information about their own programmes. These seminars provide key information about how to choose courses and also explain what admissions officers are looking for in applications.These may be virtual, online events.

University visits – Our Careers and Higher Education Coordinator leads trips to universities each year where students meet with lecturers and current undergraduates in order to get a feel for the universities and to learn about course options.

The majority of our students choose to go to UK universities. However, we can provide support for those wishing to study abroad, including specialist SAT classes.

UCAS and Personal Statement Advice for external students

LSI offers the same expert service on the UCAS application process and personal statement feedback for external students. This service is available for £150

Recent University Destinations

  • Queen Mary, Medicine
  • Sunderland, Medicine
  • Sunderland, Medicine
  • Keele, Medicine
  • Leeds, Biomedical Sciences
  • Nottingham, Biomedical and Molecular Medicine
  • Queen Mary, Biomedical Sciences
  • Middlesex, Biomedical Engineering
  • Durham, Anthropology
  • Bristol, Law
  • City University, Law
  • Royal Holloway, Criminology & Sociology
  • Queen Mary, International Relations
  • Queen Mary, Politics with Business Management
  • University of the Arts, Creative Computing
  • Leeds, Textile Design
  • Ravensbourne, Fashion
  • Cambridge, Medicine
  • Bristol, Dentistry
  • UCL, Psychology & Language Sciences
  • UCL, Biochemistry
  • KCL, Political Economy
  • KCL, Physics with Theoretical Physics
  • Bath, Economics
  • Leeds, Business Management
  • Nottingham, Politics and International Relations
  • Nottingham, Finance, Accounting & Management
  • Boston College (USA), Economics
  • Sussex, Marketing & Management
  • Loughborough, Automotive Engineering
  • Westminster, Business Management
  • University of Law, Law
  • University of Law, Law with Criminology
  • Kingston, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences
  • UCL, Physics
  • UCL, Physics
  • Kings, Neuroscience & Psychology
  • Leeds, Chemical Engineering
  • Leicester, Neuroscience & Psychology
  • Royal Holloway, Physics
  • Queen Mary, Mathematics with Management
  • UWE, Computer Science
  • UEA, Psychology
  • Kingston, Psychology
  • Swansea, Engineering
  • Anglia Ruskin University, Optometry
  • King's College London, Pharmacy
  • University of York, History
  • UCL (University College London), Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences
  • Staffordshire University, Cyber Security - Staffordshire University London
  • Queen Mary, Computer Science
  • University of Southampton, Chemistry
  • Europea de Madrid, Business and Management
  • University of Surrey, Computer Science
  • City, University of London, Criminology and Sociology
  • University of York, Social and Political Sciences
  • University of Westminster, London, Biomedical Science with Foundation
  • University of Bedfordshire, Biochemistry with Foundation Year
  • University of Westminster, London, Business Management with Foundation
  • London Metropolitan University, Film and Television Production (including foundation year)

Previous University Placements

  • Bath: Computing
  • Bradford: Engineering
  • Bristol: Ancient History
  • Bristol UWE: Sociology and Psychology
  • Essex: Computing
  • Goldsmith’s: Psychology
  • Leeds: Chemistry, Medicine
  • Manchester: Computer Science
  • Middlesex: Fashion Design
  • Nottingham: Economics
  • Palermo: Medicine
  • Roehampton: Biomedical Sciences
  • Royal Holloway: Law, Psychology
  • St George’s: Medicine
  • UCL: Russian and History
  • Westminster: Law, Planning and Architecture

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