Intensive Art A level Courses


Art A level develops a broad foundation of critical, practical and theoretical skills at AS level, culminating in greater specialism and achievement at A level. This discipline encourages creativity, sustained investigation and analysis, experimentation, design and making as a means of developing technical and expressive skills.

Board: OCR

It gives learners the opportunity to follow a programme of study which extends experience and personal response as well as developing imagination and critical and reflective thinking.

Course Structure

Teaching begins in September (January for 18 month courses). In the first year you will cover the following:

  • Exploration of themes and subject matter chosen by the student
  • Production of an extended project /portfolio which should demonstrate critical thinking, practical and theoretical knowledge

Students usually take the AS exam at the end of the first year. The second year then builds on this foundation for the completion of the full A level. In the second year you will focus on the following:

  • An in-depth critical, practical and theoretical investigative project/portfolio and outcome/s based on themes and subject matter that have personal significance
  • An extended written element of 1000 words minimum, relating to the practical and theoretical work

Exam Structure

A level Exam Format

Component 1 Component 2
Personal Investigation.
Internally and externally moderated..
60% of qualification
Externally set assignment.
Assessed by teacher and externally moderated.
40% of qualification

Art One-Year A level

The board, format and content are the same as the two-year programme, but the course is covered in the space of one year.

Programme Requirements

Students do not need a previous qualification in art, but an aptitude for the subject and a genuine interest are desirable.

Related Further Study and Careers

Art A level prepares students for a wide range of creative courses, including Art, Interior Design and Fashion. It can also serve as a good companion qualification for students who intend to study subjects such as architecture at university. Art A level requires students to work independently, introducing innovations and adapting their work, all qualities valued in higher education and by employers alike.

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