Intensive Spanish A level Courses


Studying Spanish opens up many doors, providing access to future employers that use or value Spanish in the work place and to the vibrant and passionate cultures of Spain and South America.

Board: Edexcel

The A level and AS level programmes teach students how to communicate in Spanish to a high level in each language skill; listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Course Structure

Teaching begins in September ( January for 18 month courses). In the first year you will cover the following themes:

  • Theme 1: La evolución de la sociedad española (El cambio en la estructura familiar; El mundo laboral; El impacto turístico en España)
  • Theme 2: La cultura política y artística en el mundo de habla españolahabla (La música; Los medios de comunicación; Los festivales y las tradiciones)

Students may take the AS exam at the end of the first year of the programme. The second year then builds on this foundation for the completion of the full A-level. In the second year, the previous topics are covered in greater depth as well as the following themes:

  • Theme 3: La inmigración y la sociedad multicultural española (La inmigración históricamente y contemporáneamente; La integración y el multiculturalismo)
  • Theme 4: La dictadura franquista y la transición a la democracia (La dictadura franquista; El paso de la dictadura a la democracia)

Exam Structure

A level Exam Format

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
Listening, Reading and Translation
2 hours
Written Response to Works and Translation
2 hours and 40 minutes
Speaking, internally conducted and externally assessed, between 21 and 23 minutes, including 5 minutes of formal preparation time

Spanish One-Year A level

The board, format and content are the same as the two-year programme, but the course is covered in the space of one year.The stand-alone AS papers would not be sat.

Programme Requirements

Students should have at least grade 5 at GCSE Spanish or equivalent. Alternatively, they may be Spanish speakers.

Related Further Study and Careers

All modern foreign languages A levels, including Spanish, are considered as facilitating subjects and, as such, are viewed as invaluable to a student’s A level profile. A level Spanish is usually a prerequisite for studying the language or a combined degree with Spanish at university. Being proficient in another language is becoming increasingly important in our globalized world and many employers are seeking graduates who have knowledge of at least one language other than their native tongue.

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